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florida lawn careSpring Lawn Care Tips

  • The spring, fall and early summer climates are perfect for installing sod.
  • Broadcasting fresh topsoil to lawns is most beneficial in the spring.
  • Seeding a new lawn takes longer than installing sod.
  • Seeding doesn’t guarantee grass will grow, can be full of weeds, and requires daily watering.
  • Sod is more expensive than seeding, but it provides an instant lawn that helps prevent weed growth.
  • Sod can be planted in most seasons.

Brevard fill dirtSummer and Fall Lawn Care Tips

  • Especially during the summer, check your irrigation system weekly.
  • During the summer, raise the lawn mower for cool season grass.
  • During the summer, lower the lawn mower for warm season lawns.
  • Lawns require longer and more frequent watering in the summer.
  • Watering is best done in early morning to encourage a stronger root system.
  • In the summer, apply all-purpose fertilizer.
  • In the fall, lawns can be mowed at a lower height.
  • In autumn and spring, thatch buildup that occurs should be removed.
  • Fall is a good time to add a sandy loam and apply fertilizer, one that contains some type of wetting agent.

Whether you install, or we install your beautiful new sod be sure to keep it watered. For best results, water new sod daily for the first week and then every other day during week two. It is also recommended not to fertilize new sod until it is established, which takes approximately 4 weeks.


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